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Welcome to Hess' Oriental Martial Arts Training Center!

  Welcome to our web site...........still trying to figure out what to put on it !   So glad i found the spell checker? ........So anyway what should we say first ...of course...........WE LOVE THE MARTIAL ARTS !  We have been teaching martial arts for ages 5 and above in the area for 40 years and have trained hundreds if not thousands of students with many state and national champions. The children of our past students are now training with us. I think we even have a few children of their children......would those be grandchildren ?........funny we don't feel that old........anyway..........wouldn't you agree for that to happen Hess' Martial Arts must have made a difference in their lives?   We think so too and are committed to give our students the best classes for another 40 years. We have classes for the entire family at very reasonable prices. There are many reasons we have been around for this many years.... call and schedule some free classes today and see for yourself how Hess' Martial Arts Training Center can make a difference for you.  Are you still sitting there?........what are you waiting for us and schedule some free classes today !  419-334-3941   WE NO LONGER RESPOND TO EMAILS BECAUSE OF SO MUCH SPAM EMAILS BEING SENT TO US :(